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This form is for feedback or found bugs on the Space Telescope Designer web-app ( For feedback, please be as constructive as possible. Obviously, we'd like as much information as possible so we can best diagnose the problem.
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Tell us what you thought of it. If you found a bug, describe the problem.
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The default is "normal". If you're unsure, see whether the address bar contains "?mode=advanced" (in which case you are in advanced mode)
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Give us as much information as possible (such as version number of the browser). If you're not sure, have a look at
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Generally this is Windows / Mac / Linux (plus a version number/name). It would also be useful to know whether you are on a desktop or a phone/tablet. If you're not sure, then should tell you
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You're probably here because you found a problem, but we'd still like to know what you thought of it.
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