Tech Crew Application and Contract
Theatre Crew and Stage Technical Positions: Tech Crew is a very important and necessary part of the theatre process, and we need lots of crew members to make Puffs the Play a success!

DO NOT sign up here if you're interested in auditioning for the cast. Instead, go to:

There are many areas in which we need help, review below and check all positions you may be interested in. Select 1-5 positions below in any category. (you may be assigned more than one position).

Crew: TECH POSITIONS - Available to work at least 5 crew meeting dates after school during March or April.

Crew: SHOW RUN POSITIONS - You MUST be available for all Tech Runs and Shows

Crew: MANAGER POSITIONS - Attends ALL REHEARSALS and ALL SHOWS, very involved in the whole process and report directly to Show Director and Program Director.

Schedule- Please view for our rehearsal schedule. Most tech meetings occur during rehearsal but we will have some additional tech meetings, strikes, and set building planned for other days/times including some Saturdays.

Note: Show Dues for all cast/crew positions are $125. Account need to be current. Please reach out to the Booster Club Treasurer at More info in Parent Contract below.

Director: Greg Schick
Program Director: Sharlet Keilman

For more info, contact Sharlet Keilman at:
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Crew: Tech Positions- You may select multiple positions in which you are interested
Crew: Show Run Positions- You may select multiple positions in which you are interested
Crew: Manager Positions
Please list any allergies, medical concerns, or dietary restrictions your student(s) have or anything else you feel is important that we should know. List none if you do not have any. *
Please list all known conflicts. Schedule linked below: *
Please write out any conflicts for October and November. (all sports, clubs, events, vacations etc. including spring break dates!) Write none if you have no conflicts.  Note: No absences will be allowed outside of the conflicts listed here outside of emergencies, including illness. Tech crew may not be required at all rehearsals depending on role.
Show dues: $125 per cast and crew member. Please select which applies. *
Go to (​) to pay in full or set up a payment plan. All fees or payment plan applications are due by Aug. 25
I hereby agree to the following: 1.  By Aug. 25 pay the $125  show fee online at All student accounts must be up to date with a zero balance in prior to beginning a new production. If you have any account questions or need to work out a payment plan for past due balances, please contact the booster club treasurer at   
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Parent and Student Production Contract: By signing below you acknowledge that you and your parents have read and agree to the contract prior to auditioning or applying to be a part of our production. Students and parents are required to review and agree to the Student Production Contract prior to auditions. Please review the contract in its entirety here and acknowledge that you agree to the production contract: 
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Student Production Contract:  By agreeing to this contract, I understand that I can be removed from this year’s production should the contract rules not be abided by, and it may affect my standing in future productions or any Drama Club functions, should I not adhere to the contract. The student also acknowledges that their placement in tech and operating as a crew member for the production that the same rules apply. Students should be aware that students are to be immediately suspended from extracurriculars should they violate school or CCSD policies on alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or weapons. Please make sure you are familiar with all CCSD policies. 
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