Club Championships 2018 Entry Form
Entries for Club Championships 2018 is now open. Entries need to be submitted before the 1st November which is when the entries will close. Please use this form to enter all the events you would like to compete in.

It would be very helpful if you would quickly submit a form if you are also not entering, this will help us when checking we have heard from everyone so that no one is left out.

Each race entry costs £1.

Please note this form is generic for all swimmers. It contains all races and age groups, please select the age group that applies to your child and leave all others blank. Age is as of the 18th November 2018.

You will need one form per swimmer. If you have multiple swimmers with the club, you will need to click the link at the end to complete a new form.

Club Championships takes place over two days, Thursday 15th at 7pm & Saturday 17th November at 6pm

Ages and Events Eligibility
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Age of swimmer on 18th November 2018 *
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WIDTHS SWIMMERS (Tadpoles, Frogs, Penguins & Dolphins) - You will be swimming 15 Meter Freestyle, would you like to enter?
All swimmers in this age group will receive a medal for competing and be supported in the water by older swimmers. They can also use flotation devices while in the water.
Choose your events!
Payment - Fees will be collected through your Direct Debit 1 week before Club Championships for the amount equal to the races you have selected. To confirm your entry please tick I Agree below or N/A if you are not entering. *
Parents Race! Want to do just one length of whatever you like and show the kids how it's done? It's free!
Remember the clubs annual party! Everyone is welcome, swimmers & families. You don't have to have entered club championships to come along on December 1st!
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