Survey for Short Planetarium Shows on Cultural Astronomy
We would like to invite you to help inform how a group of storytelling and planetarium specialists develop cultural astronomy shorts that share stories from Canada, China, India, Japan, and the U.S. With the end in mind (shorts you will want to have for your planetarium!), we wanted to ask you some questions.
The ʻImiloa Astronomy Center located in Hawai’i, has been collaborating with planetarium and storytelling specialists from Canada, China, Japan, India, and the U.S. to develop cultural astronomy shorts. This is an exciting effort that honors ʻImiloa’s meaning and purpose “to seek far” in the ongoing quest for new knowledge. As many of you know, at the ʻImiloa Astronomy Center, we seek to explore our place in the genealogy of the universe and continually seek, learn, and adapt to an ever evolving environment that inspires discovery and innovation.

In collaboration with a handful of experts from around the world, we are developing compelling stories that will become planetarium shorts in 2020–21. We have a bold vision of wanting to build community across the TMT partner countries of India, China, Canada, Japan, and the U.S. These planetarium shorts will be shared with the planetarium community worldwide.
Do you currently use short-form pre-recorded shows in your programming?
What is the ideal length for a short-form planetarium show about cultural astronomy that will be useful to you? Select all that apply.
Would you be interested in short-form segments about cultural astronomy?
Would you prefer...
Would you be interested in companion exhibits, participatory projects, or other ideas that seek to “build community” and connections between people of different locations and countries around the world? Select all that apply.
What additional resources would help you leverage cultural content in your planetarium? Select all that apply.
If you are interested in short form content, how frequently would you run a short-form planetarium show on cultural astronomy?
Tell us about your planetarium
Who is your primary audience? Select all that apply.
Who is involved with making decisions about planetarium content for your institution?
We will produce this short(s) in English. Select all that apply.
What platform do you use for playing back fulldome video?
What is the approximate resolution of your fulldome system?
How do you receive fulldome content for playing back in your theater?
When you buy a fulldome show, do you prepare it yourself (e.g., slicing media for multichannel systems) or have someone else prepare it?
Would you like to hear more about the shorts when they are ready?
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