Edmund Rice Camps Dunedin - Children's Application Form
This application form MUST be completed for acceptance on Edmund Rice Camps Dunedin, all information will be kept confidentially and will be held by the Camp Captains during camp.  
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Referring Agency Information - To be completed by referrer.
Name of agency
Person referring
Work Phone
After hours phone
I have read the following terms and agree with the following
Should the child need to be sent home due to illness or inappropriate behaviour, it is the referral agent's responsibility if parents/carers are unable to provide transport.
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Why are you referring the child to ERC?
Camp applying for;
You can choose all that apply, however because of numbers you may only be able to attend 1.
ALL SECTIONS MUST BE FILLED OUT.  This MUST be filled by/with  the Child's Caregiver *
Child's first name
Child's preferred Name
Last name *
Gender *
Home address *
Date of Birth *
Age *
Ethnicity *
Parent/Caregiver Information *
Email Address
What is the best way to contact you? *
Contact Phone *
Alternative Phone
An Alternative Contact Person must be provided for camp acceptance *
Relationship to Child
Contact Phone Number
Is this the first time your child has spent a night away from home? *
Has your child attended Edmund Rice Camp before? *
If they have attended before, when was this?
Do you object to your child's photo being used in the public media? *
Is there anyone that your child legally unable to see or have contact with? (For the safety of your child and others) If you tick Yes, we will call you regarding this.
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If Yes, please provide details
CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL INFORMATION - All medication needs to be labelled and handed into the Camp Captains on arrival at camp. Medicines will be kept in the First Aid room and administered under supervision as required. *
Is your child  currently taking medication?
Please state the name of the medication and dosage
I give the supervisors permission to administer PARACETAMOL if needed *
Does your child have allergies to:
What special care is recommended?
Last Tetanus immunisation was
Can your child swim? *
How well does your child interact with their peers?
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Please comment if you think we need more information about how they interact with others
Please tick the appropriate box if your child has any of the following disabilities
If yes, please give details
Please tick if your child suffers from any of the following
If you ticked any, could you please give us more details that might be helpful for us to care for your child.
Please tick the appropriate box if your child needs support with any of the following
If you ticked any of the above boxes, what special care is needed?
Are there any recent or ongoing situations at school or home which may have some impact on how your child will manage during camp?
Medical disclaimer *
I wish my child to attend the above camp.  I acknowledge that the  Leaders/ Supervisors on the camp have a duty to seek medical advice for my child when necessary.  I accept that the leaders will attempt to call me to gain permission, but if I am unavailable they will seek the required medical attention.   Any such treatment will be provided at my expense.  
 I shall not hold the Supervisors, Leaders or Organisers responsible or liable  for injury sustained  by my child. *
This information is collected for the purposes of ensuring the well being of your child while on camp and anonymously for statistical purposes afterwards.  All information given is CONFIDENTIAL in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. *
I agree that all information that I have submitted is true and correct
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