Directions for Students:
The Norwalk Public Schools School Counseling Redesign Survey is seeking student input on what key activities, services, and resources the School Counseling Program should deliver to all students. Students should answer the questions by circling the best response and/or rank ordering your preferences. The last question allows you to write in specific feedback of what you want from the School Counseling Program. Thanks for taking the time to strengthen School Counseling in Norwalk!
Select the one that best fits: *
Rank Order (1 most important, 5 least important) the most to least important content for school counselors to deliver to K-12 students: *
For questions #3-10, circle the best answer: Strongly Disagree (SD), Disagree (D), Undecided (U), Agree (A), Strongly Agree (SA)
Every student should participate in Student Success planning (academic, post-secondary, social-emotional goals) annually with the school counselor *
Every student should have school counseling curriculum lessons (academic, career, college, social-emotional skill building). *
School Counselors should spend most of their time on direct school counseling program services to students (advising, counseling, lessons, planning, consultation, referrals) *
School Counselors should deliver academic success skills including time management, organization, and study skills to every student annually. *
School Counselors should deliver job and career skills/activities/assessments to every student annually *
School Counselors should deliver college/post-secondary access, affordability, and admission skills to every student and family. *
School Counselors should deliver stress management, mental health awareness, anti-violence, and multicultural skills to every student annually. *
School Counselors should deliver self-awareness, self-management, decision-making, healthy relationships, and social awareness skills to every student annually. *
For the last question, type your answer: What are the strengths and improvements needed for School Counselors in Norwalk?
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