Research/Creative Activity Start Up Application and Safety Plan
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Requested Space/Facility *
Space Needs: Please describe your space/facility needs in regards to research/ creative activity in as much detail as possible. Please address what space(s), how they will be used, when they will be used, etc. *
Justification: Please provide as much information as possible on why it is important to be included in the early stages of the research ramp-up for your research/creative activity and specifically address the needs for on-campus facility use. *
Scheduling: During Stage 4, the target density on campus is 15% of research personnel. Because the number of people in a workspace will be limited, extended-hours access where feasible, via shifts or staggered work days, can be considered. Please describe your scheduling plan to ensure adherence to density targets for your space (if applicable.) *
Cleaning: Please describe your proposed sanitation protocols for shared spaces. Clarity on responsibility for any shared equipment, which would not be handled by custodial services, is especially critical. Who will be responsible for cleaning and what frequency? *
Core Facilities: Is your proposed on-campus research dependent on core facilities or staff? If so, please provide specific accesses required. It will be critical that shared resources are engaged and ready to support work ramp up. *
Other: What other plans will you put in place to reduce chances of transmission? *
Ramp-down Plan: If required to ramp down to only essential research activities, what would those activities be and what steps will be taken to restrict activities as soon as possible? *
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