Registration for Socioeconomic Contexts of Sustainable Agriculture
Thank you for your interest in registering as an audience participant at the conference, "Socioeconomic Contexts of Sustainable Agriculture,” to be convened by the Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP) on Oct. 14–15, 2016. This ISGP conference, organized in partnership with the Western Connecticut State University (WCSU), utilizes the distinctive, if not unique, ISGP model that emphasizes critical debates and extended caucus discussions among highly distinguished scientists, policy makers, students, and the public.

The conference program will be convened in two parts:
1. On Friday Oct. 14, 2016, three internationally recognized scientists will be debated by about 45 community members, subject matter experts, and students concerning the content of their respective policy position papers. In these papers, the authors express their views of current realities and scientific opportunities and challenges, and present their recommendations for policy related to sustainable agriculture. The scientists will defend their positions in 90-minute sessions that involve critical questioning by a panel of up to 45 debaters, composed of CSUS students and faculty, scientists, academics, and representatives from government, the private sector, and the community writ large. Participants in the audience also will be able to submit written questions for use by the moderator. Representatives from the media will be invited to observe these debates, but will not be able to pose questions during the debates.

2. On Saturday Oct. 15, 2016, all conference participants, including those in the audience who attended the debates on Friday, will join small-group caucuses. These caucuses will seek to identify areas of consensus and actionable next steps to be considered by governmental and societal leaders. The conference concludes with a plenary session that seek to synthesize the conclusions from all the individual caucuses. These conclusions as well as summaries of the debates are prepared by the ISGP, in cooperation with WCSU students and faculty, for publication in a free, publicly available book that also contains the policy position papers.

Since the second day of the conference is based on the exchange of ideas and views encompassed in the debates on the first day, it is required that you commit to attending BOTH days of the conference.

For information on the conference please contact ISGP Fellow Daniela Baeza at For more information on the ISGP, go to

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