St. Dominic Time & Talent Sign Up (Annual pledge for 2019/2020)
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Please click on the "booklet" to view a description of each Time and Talent item.
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Parish name, if not member of St. Dominic:
1. Prayer and Worship Committee
2. Greeter
Greeter Mass Preference: (Check all that apply)
3. Eucharistic Minister of the Body
4.Eucharistic Minister of the Blood
5. Home Communion Minister
6. Lector
7. Sacristan
8. Usher
Usher Sub Preference: (Check if Sub only)
9. Emergency Prayer Network
10. Prayer "Heart Ministry"
11. Liturgy of the Word for Children
12. Liturgy Planner
13. Adult Funeral Mass Server
14. Art and Environment Committee
15. Altar Server
Server Mass Preference: (Check all that apply)
16. Funeral Liturgy Planner
17. Classical Choir
18. Contemporary Choir
19. Teen Music Team
20. Youth Choir
21. Funeral Choir
22. Cantor
23. Instrumentalist
24. Liturgical Music Planner
25. Media Ministry
26. Faith Formation Committee
27. Marriage Preparation
28. Catechist/Helpers for preK-6th Grade
29. Small group leaders for 7th and 8th grade
30. Evangelization Ministry
31. R.C.I.A. Assistants and Mentors
32. Adult Confirmation
33. Small group leaders for High School Confirmation Program
34. Babysitter
35. Summer Vacation Bible School
36. Sheboygan Area Young Adults
37. Adult Faith Formation Leaders
38. Human Concerns Committee
39. Senior Ministry Leaders
40. Salvation Army Bell Ringer
41. Emmaus Meal Program
42. St. Vincent De Paul
43. Northside Christian Food Pantry
44. Refugee and Immigrant Ministry
45. Elizabeth Ministry and/or Respect Life
46. Rainbow Kids
47. Mission Ladies
48. Transportation
49. Building and Grounds Committee
50. Carpenters and Woodworkers
51. Church window cleaners
52. Volunteer Grounds Crew
Volunteer Grounds Crew: Which group you desire to be apart of? (Check all that apply)
53. Calvary Cemetery Grounds Helpers
54. Stewardship Committee
55. Fall Festival Committee
56. Parish Socials
57. New Member Welcoming Team
58. General Office Help
59. Office Assistant
60. Money Counter
61. Baker
62. Church Mice
63. Script Coordinators and Sellers
64. Religious Gift Shop
65. School-Classroom Helper/Student Tutor for 3K-8 grade
Specify other desires, or concerns, if any (and list Item #):
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