Game Development: A Challenge
Case-Based Learning Exercise at WESEE 2018 colocated with ISEC 2018, IIIT Hyderabad
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Angry Bird
The GameX team is working on the game development of "Angry Birds". It is one of the most popular and challenging project till now. Early February, you have joined as a team member with an idea to improve the game. The idea is about making right combinations to get new creatures of birds and weapons to kill the enemies. The team has decided to develop your idea and had a lot of fun playing this prototype, especially the part about combining monsters and using innovative weapons, so GameX decided to make it a full project. Now, you and your team need to select the technology stack for developing the new game, and then implement the set of requirements. Selecting the right technology stack for the requirements is critical, otherwise GameX has to face serious consequences on the business. GameX wants their Game to be responsive and expect it to be accessed in multiple devices such as tablets, desktops, laptops and phones. GameX is not interested to invest in any kind of infrastructure and intends to use an external cloud platform. You need to decide about the framework (both server and client side), programming language, database, web-server, game engine, simulators to use. You also need to decide that how the user acceptance testing to be done to analyse the features effectiveness in each game level.
Levels of Angry Birds
Q.1. What are the various parameters that will form the basis for the selection of appropriate technologies or frameworks for developing the game? *
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Q.2. Enlist your preferred technology stack selection along with the justification for your selection. (e.g. LAMP, MEAN, Unity3D game engine, etc.) *
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