Everyone's Exeter Individual Pledges
Thanks for wanting to get involved in our Everyone's Exeter campaign. Below we have put together some short quick-fire questions for you, as well as some unique pledges as a way of helping us to achieve the 12 Goals.
How did you hear about the Everyone's Exeter campaign? *
How many vehicles (car, motorbike, moped etc) does your household currently have? *
Which best describes the vehicle you use most often? *
How do you currently commute to work? *
How do you currently travel around Exeter in your spare time (e.g. weekends)? *
For the Everyone's Exeter campaign I pledge to travel more by: *
I Pledge to do so: *
How do you currently heat your home? *
Do you have solar panels installed at your home? *
If 'No', why not?
Who do you currently use for your energy supplier at home: *
What was the most important factor when choosing your energy supplier? *
I pledge to get a Smart Meter for my home, so I can better understand and reduce my energy consumption: *
I Pledge to switch to my energy supplier at home to a green energy supplier: *
I pledge to reduce the amount of single-use plastics I use: *
Would you be interested in getting involved with an Exeter City Clean to support Plastic Free Exeter? *
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Last name *
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