TC Covid-19 Food System Crisis Command Center Survey
A survey to assess community needs, resources and willingness to serve on the TC Covid-19 Food System CCC.
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What organization, agency, department or group do you represent? *
Position in your organization, agency, department or group
What is the current role your department, organization, or agency plays in the food system (e.g. sells food, grows food, distributes food)?
What resources does you or your organization have (e.g. physical space, distribution networks, volunteer networks, land, expertise, capital, staff time, equipment etc…)
What are the gaps that you see in the existing system that we need to have in place to address the current COVID crisis?
Which of the organizational teams of the COVID19 TC Food System Crisis Command Center would you be willing and able to participate on? (please choose all that apply)
Would you be willing to be a team leader for a team that you are in?
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If yes, which organizational team (e.g. Distribution, Labor, Health, Production, Other) would you be willing to lead?
Would you be willing and able to participate in a weekly one hour zoom call with your team as the infrastructure is being built for the COVID TCFSCCC?
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Please list the best times for you to meet.
Please indicate which times you cannot meet.
Please indicate any other information you think the TC Covid-19 Food Crisis Command Center needs.
Please indicate whether you are willing to have the information shared in this survey with the organizing teams. *
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