Butteville Survey on Returning to School in 2020
Please respond to the following survey to help us plan for our return to school in the fall. We value your input regarding reopening school, but please understand that the safety of our students and staff comes first and the school must follow state and county guidelines. Your responses will be anonymous.
1. Which of the following statements best describes your connection to the Butteville Union School District? *
2. How do you feel about students returning to school for the 2020-21 school year? *
3. How comfortable do you feel sending students to school with each of the following safety measures? For each item below, please indicate your level of comfort. *
Very Comfortable
Slightly Comfortable
Not Comfortable
I Don't Know/No Answer
I feel comfortable with students riding school buses if masks are worn, physical distancing is practiced, and hand sanitizer is used.
I feel comfortable with students having their temperature checked every day before entering the school building.
I feel comfortable with students being socially distanced in the classroom.
I feel comfortable with schools providing lunches.
I feel comfortable with schools encouraging students to wash or sanitize their hands throughout the school day.
4. Will you be able to transport your child/children to school? *
5. When school resumes in the fall, which of the following learning options would you prefer for students? (Please select ONE) *
6. Which of these options would you require for your child to return to school? (Please select ALL that apply) *
7. Would you be interested in an Independent Study program at Butteville Elementary for your child next year? *
8. What were some of the technology challenges you faced with Distance Learning this spring? (Please select ALL that apply) *
9. Please rate your overall experience with Butteville's Distance Learning Program *
Very Dissatisfied
Very Satisfied
10. What is the easiest part of the Distance Learning program?
11. What is the most challenging part of the Distance Learning program?
12. Please share any further comments you may have.
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