AMEC 澳洲投資移民諮詢系統
親愛的客戶, 您好,

感謝您委由本公司辦理澳洲投資移民及簽證相關申請業務, 本公司為協助您辦理澳洲投資移民申請咨詢業務, 依據個資法規定, 向您告知我們對您提供的資訊及文件只用於申請需要

以下信息, 有助於我們專業顧問了解您的背景, 進行分析, 請詳細填寫

Thank you for entrusting our company to handle study abroad and visa-related applications. In order to assist you with the consulting business of studying abroad, our company informs you that the documents we provide to you are used for university applications and visa applications in accordance with the provisions of the personal information law. Need for international transmission
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