THOU ART LLC Agency Audition Form
Requirements for being official hosts:
1. New Host must be located in USA/CANADA/UK ONLY. VPN use is prohibited
2. New Host must NOT be from or be under any other Likee Live Agency
3. New Host must be registered in Likee Live within ONE month
4. New Host must NOT be under age 18
5. New Host’s level must NOT be over level 35

Audition procedure:
1. Sign up using this google sheet at least 48 hours prior to the audition date you pick
2. Please remind the host to go live at least 10 minutes earlier than the audition time
3. The audition will last for 20 minutes. We are looking for talented and engaging people. Based on previous successful auditions, we recommend interacting with the audience!
4. You may expect communication of your audition result within 72 hours
5. The new host will be registered as our official broadcaster after they get a "Congratulations" message in-app

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