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During the pandemic, our volunteer drivers have delivered over 500 kits to the homes of those experiencing period poverty in the GTA and surrounding cities.

10 Steps to delivering HAGO Period Product Kits;

1. Be an active and responsive member of the volunteer drivers team
2. Always have period kits on-hand and ready for future dropoffs
3. Obtain the first name and address of recipients in your region of service.
4. Make sure the information is complete (it helps to Google the address before you get there).
5. After you receive the recipient's address, there is a 1-week drop-off window. If you are unable to complete it within the week please let an admin know.
6. Be safe, Always bring a friend when dropping off after dark. Abort drop-off if an unusual location or situation
7. Ring the bell, Leave the kit in plain sight where the recipient can find it.
8. You may choose to drop off contactless or wait to greet recipients.
9. When drop-off is completed, inform admin so that they can update the spreadsheets
10. Notify admin if your schedule changes or if you'd like to take a break.

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