Shaw Direct Survey
A survey to determine the level of interest in Shaw Direct's offer of discounted satellite TV
Details of offer
Shaw Direct is offering to sell Bare Oaks members a bulk package deal for satellite TV. The monthly, per unit rate would be $26/per unit, per month, added to your Bare Oaks account. The regular residential rate for the English Essentials packages is $55.99, giving you a savings of $29.99 per month. See details at:

Note that we are NOT making any money on this. Shaw Direct suggested we could mark it up but we are passing on all the savings directly to you.

In addition to the low price, you get:

1. Option to upgrade the service by adding extra channels which will then billed directly to you.

2. Free service calls and maintenance of Shaw Direct equipment.
- If any equipment were to fail, we would replace it free of charge.
- If you experience any technical outages, our local and trusted installation partner can be deployed immediately to resolve network or hardware issues.

3. Free access to over 10 mobile apps and Video on Demand.
- Included with your Shaw Direct TV Subscription is FREE access to over 10 mobile apps, including our FreeRange TV app, which gives you the power to watch live an on-demand shows, movies, sports and news on the go for up to five devices.
- You can watch what you want, when you want, with Shaw Direct’s Video on Demand, including the latest movies, classics and more.

Please tell us what you think of this offer.

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