Survey: Student Experience
Pate's Creek ES
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How well do your teacher(s) know you?
Please rank how well your teachers know the following things about you:
Not at all
A little bit
Pretty well
Very well
What I'm good at
What's hard for me
What I'm interested in
How I learn best
How challenging is school for you?
Please rank the difficulty below:
Too easy
Somewhat easy
Too difficult
Teachers' lessons are...
Class work / assignments are...
How fast do you learn, compared to other students?
What do you get to decide at school?
Please rank how often you get to decide the following things:
What I want to learn about
The work / activities I do
Where I do my work
How I show what I know
When I'm ready to move on
How I get help when I'm stuck
How I spend my time in class
I learn best when:
How do you use your goals at school?
How often do you find school interesting to you?
What change(s) could the school make to help you learn better?
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