Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival Performer Application
Apply to perform at the first Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival, taking place on November 15 & 16, 2019 in Victoria, BC! The application fee is $20. You may submit two acts per application.

Additional acts must be submitted as part of a separate application. There are no limits to the number of acts you may submit. Acts can be up to a maximum of 5 minutes in length for solos and 6 minutes for group acts.

Applications are for burlesque acts only (must have some level of striptease, all genders and gender expressions are welcome!). We are not accepting application for MCs or Stage Kittens.

Applications close on Friday, May 31 at midnight (PST).

*The Isle of Tease is waiving the application fee for all those who self identify as belonging to an underrepresented or marginalized group, as outlined in the community policies, from April 1 to 14 at midnight (PST). Please see our Community Policy for more information (
*Free applications are now closed.*
If finances are a barrier for you to apply, please email us at

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Legal Name (First name, Last name) - please include names of all performers if applying with group act *
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Community Policies *
The Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival (ITBF) is committed to reflecting all members of our burlesque community on our festival’s stages; the purpose of this policy is to act as a guide to help ensure the reflection of this diversity and inclusion, and create safer spaces. Please take a moment to read our Community policies:
Identity Declaration (optional)
I self identify as belonging to a marginalized group, as outlined in the community policies, and understand that my/our application fee will be waived from April 1 to 14 at midnight (PST). As a solo performer or member of group act I identify as belonging to an underrepresented or marginalized group such as, but not limited to: performers of colour, indigenous performers, performers of size, performers with disabilities, performers belonging to the LGBT2QQIAAP (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,Two-Spirited, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Agender, Pansexual) community, performers over the age of 40, low-income performers.
Identity Declaration cont'd
We invite those who self identify within these groups to elaborate on your declaration at your discretion. Note that all declarations will remain confidential and only be shared with members of the Isle of Tease burlesque artistic direction and production team when required.
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Preferred pronouns (ex. he/she/they/them/xe/xem) *
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Loose glitter, wax, oils, excessive liquids, fire, and aerial performances are not permitted by the venue.
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