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Your library story is powerful.
Your stories help libraries paint a picture of the way library resources, spaces, and safe places support our community. Your stories show how libraries change lives!

Your story can be short or long.

What is a Library Love Story? It can be an answer to any of the following questions:
• How has the library helped you out of a tight spot?
• What do you usually do when you come to the library? Or why did you come in today?
• What is the strangest-sounding problem or question a librarian has helped you resolve?
• What do you look forward to the most about the library?
• What's your favorite reason for coming to the library?
• Or anything else you love about the library!

Thank you for sharing your Library Love Story!
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Your story, or testimonial, helps the library show how we support our community, share our work with the community effectively, and advocate during funding season.
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