Wolverine Breakfast Program Parent Survey
Breakfast is Available at the West Yellowstone School everyday from 7:45am-8:15am. Studies show that children must start the day with a healthy breakfast to succeed at school. We want to make sure that the School Breakfast Program meets your family's needs. Your feedback will help us in doing so and is greatly appreciated!
How often do your children eat breakfast?
Where do your children eat breakfast most often?
Do your children ever eat breakfast at school?
If they DO eat breakfast at school how often?
If they DO, are you happy with the breakfast they get at school?
Does the cost of our school breakfast seem reasonable? $1.25 for K-12
If your children DO NOT eat breakfast at school, why not? (please mark all that apply)
We want to make sure the School Breakfast Program is designed to meet your family's needs. Please let us know in the space below what changes you think we could make to encourage your children to eat breakfast at school.
Any additional constructive comments about how you think we could improve our breakfast program would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know below.
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