Eddyville Charter: Intent to Attend
Current Eddyville Families and Prospective Families:
Please fill out the following form regarding your intent to enroll so that we can plan accordingly.

As stated in our letter to families, Eddyville plans to provide two models for our students next year: Option A: In person attendance, Monday through Thursday from 8:30 (breakfast at 8am) to 3:00 with hefty safety measures in place (more detailed plans to come). Option B: Streamlined online attendance approach with videos and consistent student-teacher communication paralleled to the on-site instruction.

Regardless of all options, class size will be limited based on our LCSD cap and new square footage guidelines. Busing is also limited as new guidelines must be followed. Please note that buses can only stop at one location per family (no alternate arrangements) and will only seat family members next to each other, limiting our bus capacity immensely. We will come up with a transportation plan as soon as we have numbers from these surveys.

Thank you so much for your support and understanding during these crazy times!
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We will need as many parents as possible to drive their students to make the in-person model work. We can't guarantee that busing is available to all locations at this point. If attending in person, I plan to have my student: *
If riding the bus, I understand that my student can only have one stop (no changes or multiple stops) per bus requirements. Our preferred stop is:
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