Sousafund Application
Thank you for your interest in the Sousafund. This program is designed to help young students who are socioeconomically disadvantaged to obtain basses and tubas to use in-school music programs. Preservation Hall Foundation works with school administrators, music directors, and culture-bearers in the New Orleans community to identify students in need of basses and tubas. The Sousafund is a Preservation Hall Foundation program.

The form below helps provide information needed to establish financial need. We will contact your school music director and administrators to verify that the information below is accurate. While these questions help us determine need, we reserve the right to approve or decline applications based on other circumstances.

Please note the following guidelines apply to this program:
- Preservation Hall Foundation retains ownership of the instrument while they are being used. Instruments are loaned to the student free of charge for as long as they continue to play.

-If a student decides that they will pursue a career in music, including applying to music schools across the country, the instrument ownership is passed on to the student. A copy of their enrollment is required to transfer ownership of the instrument to the student.

-Students must check in with Preservation Hall Foundation quarterly, which includes, but is not limited to photos of the student performing on their instrument, invitations to concerts at their school, etc.

-Recipients of donated instruments are responsible to pay for any repairs or adjustments as needed.

-Instruments donations are limited due to funding. We cannot guarantee that all applicants will receive an instrument through this program.

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