Prayer Rope Request Form
Due to an influx of requests, any requests made now will likely be created in 2-3 weeks.

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. This will email me directly with specifications for your requested prayer rope.
It can take me a few days to over a week to complete a request based on time of year and number of requests.

I do not ask for payment in exchange for doing this, any giving is entirely optional, but I make it available for those with whom it is a matter of conscience. If you cannot afford a prayer rope, please request one and consider it my gift to you.

Requests for smaller ropes will be prioritized over larger ropes as they are easier to make. Also, orders from those who have donated will be prioritized as a thank you for support.
I offer to make prayer ropes for free because the discovery of the prayer rope and the tradition & practice of the Jesus Prayer has radically transformed my spiritual life. It was my first introduction to Orthodox living, and I continue to use my prayer rope every day. Through my discussions at Church and online, I've discovered many people do not have prayer ropes, but almost everyone wants one. I started making them as gifts for friends and my Church, and I've continued to make them. I started giving them away on Twitter because I simply had extras.

God has blessed me with a measure of financial security, so I've never asked for payment. I have, however, had people ask to give donations. This is entirely optional, but I make these options available for those of you who appreciate what I'm doing and want to support my efforts. Regular donations keep me motivated (and supplied!) and are a great way to show your support.


You can show your support in the following ways:

A direct donation can be sent via:

Recurring donations (for additional perks) can be made via:

Items can be ordered for me on my Wish List:

Donations are NOT required to receive a prayer rope. Thank you very much for considering.
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