Penzance Pirate Pursuit 2019
Entry Fee £15 per boat (payment on the day)
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You will be asked to sign the following declarations on the day of the event.
The entry of the above boat is conditional on acceptance of the following by the owner/competitor racing the boat:
1 By signing this entry form, I accept that I am responsible for myself, my crew, and my boat, whether afloat or ashore.
2. I accept that nothing done by the organisers (i.e. the club, race management team, patrol craft and anyone helping to run the event) will relieve me of my responsibilities.
3. By launching (or putting to sea) I warrant the suitability of my boat and the competence of the skipper and crew for the expected or forecast conditions.
4. The provision of patrol craft does not relieve me of my responsibilities.
5. I confirm that I hold adequate insurance and in particular insurance against third party claims in the sum of at least £2, 000,000.

I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that govern this series.
I understand that if the beat is in the charge any person other than the undersigned, it is the responsibility of the undersigned to bring the attention of the person in charge of the boat to the provisions of this entry form. In addition I will also make the crew aware of these undertakings.

I have read the above conditions and accept the responsibilities contained therein.
‘Under the law, this helm is my dependent, and I accept paragraph (8) of the notice of race which excludes my dependent’s right to claim compensation in certain circumstances. I declare that during the event the boat will have valid and current third party insurance of at least ₤2m. I confirm that my dependent is competent to take part and that I am responsible for my dependent throughout the event.
During the time my dependent is afloat I will be in or around Penzance Sailing Club or I will inform the race officer in writing the name of the person who is acting in loco parentis during my absence.’
I also give permission for photographs to be taken of possibly helms and crews to be used for publicity purposes
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