WIHI Class of 2019 IB Diploma Course Selections
WIHI Sophomores,

Please fill out this request form by selecting only one of each option below. Be sure to have consulted with teachers and/or the IB coordinator regarding special requests.

NOTE: this form does not guarantee course placement. All course requests will be reviewed and granted by the faculty and IB Coordinator. Responses will be electronically timestamped, and that time may be used to determine placement within a requested course. All requests are confidential information. IF you submit more than 1 request, the most recent request will be accepted and timestamped.

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Group 2 (Language Acquisition) *
Please choose 1 of the following for your language B classes.
Group 4 (Science) Selection: *
Group 5 (Math Designation/Faculty Recommendation) *
Refer to the designation sheet handed out by your current math instructor. IB2 courses can only be taken with the successful completion of IB1 courses this year.
Group 6 Elective (check one) *
Choose which IB art, IB Music, IB Econ, Ab Initio language, or second science you are requesting. Remember that these requests are subject to approval:
Group 6 Elective (Alternate Choice) *
If your first choice for group 6 is full, what would your 2nd choice be? Remember that these requests are subject to approval:
Do you intend to take hybrid-online government over the summer?
Only if you intend on taking a FULL YEAR of performance music in your junior year. Please see Mr. Pierson if you have not done so already. NOTE: Students not electing this option will take product team and government in their junior year.
If so, which performing class are you requesting for next year?
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