J20.1 SBIR / X20.A STRR / AF19.3 SBIR P2 DoD JOINT OPEN TOPIC Alternative Application
We in the DoD have been striving to reduce barriers to entry to give the opportunity for every US Small Business in America to work with us on our Research and Development goals to increase the Security and Prosperity of the United States.

As the Department of Defense (DoD) transitions to a new SBIR/STTR application portal (https://www.dodsbirsttr.mil/submissions/login), we wanted to provide an alternative process for applying. Please follow the steps outlined below, and this form will allow you to submit a completed application.

Note that the same deadlines still apply (see Solicitation/RFP). No late submissions will be accepted for any reason.

Note that all of the same requirements still apply from the BAA/CSO instructions here: https://sbir.defensebusiness.org/topics/instructions

The application includes 4 sections:

1. Topic (which topic are you applying to?)
2. Firm Information
3. Eligibility Certification Information
4. Cost Volume Information
5. Submission Confirmation via e-mail to SBIR201@afwerx.af.mil [**Note this email address will be used for both AFWERX SBIR and STTR applications. Also, please ensure you receive a confirmation e-mail with your proposal number within 48 hrs of submission]

You can view a preview of the questions covered in the application here: afwerx.us/preview

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@afwerx.af.mil

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