Being Human
10 artist-in-residence spaces are available in our program, entitled Being Human, at the Palo Alto Art Center from September 8 - December 30, 2018.

Being Human is a new artist residency for 10 Bay Area artists who will participate in a series of 8 workshop sessions. The workshops are led by artist Jill Miller, who specializes in socially engaged artwork and has designed the series as a part of her art practice. Meetings will take place at the Palo Alto Art Center and is organized in conjunction with the exhibition Care and Feeding: The Art of Parenthood (September 15 – December 30, 2018).

Being Human is an experimental, collaborative project between the Art Center, artist Jill Miller (, and 10 San Francisco Bay Area artists who are also parents. Participants will use their parenting struggles and challenges as a catalyst for producing art. They will meet once each week for eight weeks, and each week’s activities will be inspired by one of Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development. Followed consecutively, these stages trace the complete life span of a human being.

Eight weekend days (schedule to be determined by participants) beginning September 8/9, 2018.

· Artists will each receive a stipend for child care of approximately $800.
· Sessions are short, manageable, and stimulating - 3 hours each
· At the end of the 8 weeks artists will have a culminating exhibition
· A blog documenting this project will exist and will be linked to the Art Center’s website

· Empower artists with children to develop and showcase new work.
· Enable artists to interact with their peers and participate in a vibrant community of practice.
· Build a community of parent-artists who can share and create together
· Provide visibility by showcasing an exhibition of work made by residents at the conclusion

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