Beresford Facilities Reservation Request
This online form is the means to collect building usage requests. This method will be used in conjunction with the "Gym Calendar" that has been used in the past. Persons requesting gym space should use this method to request facilities. Please do not go to the calendar and add events as those requests will not be recognized; only requests made via this means will be added to the "Gym Calendar" by district staff. You will receive an email confirmation once your event/request has been added to the "Gym Calendar."

Each individual day that is requested, should be entered as a separate date/entry on this form. (You may have to fill out this form several times, each time with a different date.)

School Sponsored activities will be given priority. All other scheduling conflicts will be handled on a cases by case basis. Youth teams and elementary teams should not reserve time prior to 6pm as most days, most gyms are in use until that time.

Questions should be referred to Geoff Gross at BHS/BMS. 605-368-0264 or

Fees for usage as set by school board policy are as follows:
Approved Aug. 12, 2019
Elementary Gym: $250
Elementary Commons: $100
High School Gym: $300
High School Lobby: $100
Wrestling Room: $200
Multi-purpose Room: $200
Athletic Complex (football field/track): $300
Stadium Picnic Shelter/Restrooms/Concessions: $200
Floor Covering: $100
Use of Kitchen: $100
Janitor Fee: $25 per hour

Name of Person reserving room/facility *
Organization Representing *
Phone Number *
Email Address *
Number of Persons at event, List of persons attending, detailed descripition of activities going on, description of event, etc. *
Room/Facility requested *
Date of event requested *
Beginning Time of event requested (Keep in mind, if you are reserving gym space on the night of a game/after a game, the times requested may not be available until the game is completed. It is not possible for us to know the end time of the game ahead of time for many reasons. Sometimes games get over at the listed times, and sometimes they are completed hours afterward.) *
Duration of the event *
Will you be charging admisson? *
Do you have proof of liability insurance? *
I have read the Beresford School District policy # as it relates to Community Usage of District Facilities, and promise to enforce and abide by those expectations. *
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