2020 Staff Application
Animazement is an all-volunteer, fan-based cultural event in Raleigh, NC which focuses on Japan. Each year Animazement grows with more attendees and more activities and we are dependent on amazing, dedicated people willing to commit their time and talents. We appreciate your interest in helping!

This application is intended for those willing to volunteer for the full weekend as staff above and beyond the hours and duties of our AZ Bee volunteer program. There are limited staff positions available in only a few departments so not everyone will be selected. Please be aware that it may take several weeks to hear back regarding your application. Each Department considers their applications at a different pace, so time will vary.

Please keep in mind that work is done on a voluntary basis and that there is no financial compensation for work done prior to, or during the actual convention. We do aim to provide perks as thank yous including a full weekend badge, staff shirts, access to meals, and shared hotel space for those living outside the general area.

If you need help with this form or have any questions about staffing, please contact volunteer@animazement.org.
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