REGISTRATION - Using Puppets With Children and Families in Diagnosis and Treatment
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Saturday the 16´th June, 2018 at 14.30 hrs (3 hrs).

Norra Allégatan 7, 4´th floor, Gothenburg, Sweden (centrally, close to Järntorget).

60 Euro (20 Euro registration fee, paying instructions will be e-mail after registration)

For questions e-mail Åsa Viklund at

None, however therapeutic experience or understanding is preferred.

Dr. Eleanor Irwin (PhD, RDT, TEP) will give a three-hour talk on the use of puppets in clinical work with children and their families. Using a power point demonstration and videos, she will briefly discuss the developmental roots of play and pretend, and then illustrate how children can be encouraged to make up a puppet story, using aesthetically pleasing hand puppets. Within the metaphor of creating a television show, the child can be helped to enact a “brand new” story, followed by associations to aspects of the plot, characters, conflict, fantasy and reality within the drama. With this kind of focused clinical intervention, youngsters can be helped to reflect on the multiple (conscious and unconscious) meanings of their creations and the many interwoven connections to current and past life events.
The semi-structured interview described above can also be used in family therapy. A video by Elaine Portner will be shown, illustrating a puppet interview with a typical clinical family. A diagnostic questionnaire will be disseminated that can help familiarize therapists with the wealth of helpful clinical information generated through the use of puppets in diagnosis and treatment. Published material on this topic as well as other references on puppet use will be distributed.

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Dr. Eleanor Irwin (PhD, RDT, TEP)
Eleanor Irwin, PhD, RDT, TEP, is one of the co-founders of the National Association for Drama Therapy. She has produced films and written articles and chapters in books on drama therapy, psychotherapy, and other mental health topics. Eleanor teaches and supervises as a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a certified adult and child analyst and a Training Analyst at the Pittsburgh Psychoanalytic Center. During the course of her career, Eleanor has taught courses including drama therapy; play therapy and child development; and psychodynamically oriented psychotherapy. With Judy Rubin, she is a co-founder of Expressive Media.
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