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Young minds are full of energy, enthusiasm and they bring in a lot of fresh and vibrant ideas into the system. RMA has been closely working with the government, industry and academia of Rajkot to facilitate in adopting best-practices and training, bridging gaps between various fraternities and building a right culture and robust ecosystem in the city. We believe enthusiastic and self-driven youth can contribute hand-in-hand with us as they better understand and connect with the challenges of their peers and tap into huge amount of disruption taking place across the world in management movement. RMA is one of the first association to provide such opportunity to undergraduate/post graduate students and work closely with the core team as an intern.

Why one should apply?
Get exposure and network with all stakeholders of management ecosystem, be a part of various conferences, programs and gatherings
Develop confidence and leadership. Get a platform to showcase your skills, get your hands tested in practical world.
Get chance to work in conducting surveys, research and developing real case-studies
Develop communication and various inter-personal skills, design, strategize, manage and execute programs
 Get mentor-ship for Startup enthusiasts

Who can apply? (anyone below 30 years of age is eligible for this program)

We are looking for:
Enthusiastic and self-driven students
Personality traits of a contributor and a team player
Those who have curiosity and hunger to learn and implement new ideas
One who can take leadership and have good communication skills

**Based on your answers, we will filter the interested students**
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