The Chinese Village [华村] - A Global Village Residence

General Information

Village Advisor: Jingxia Yang

    What is the Chinese Village [华村]?

    Part of the Global Village initiative on campus, the Chinese Village [华村] strives to unite the Chinese language and the cultures surrounding it in a living experience. Residents come home to speak and hear Chinese. Daily interaction, periodic meetings, and a range of planned cultural activities (including house meals prepared and shared twice a month by residents) enable students to explore their common interest in the chinese culture and provide a place for residents to exchange stories about their personal experiences in China. The Chinese Village [华村] welcomes native speakers; non-native students who have lived, traveled extensively, or studied abroad; and students who are enrolled in a Chinese course.


    Located on the corner at 1401 Washington Street, Hess also has convenient parking at the Sill Incubator (formerly Alfarata School), includes a laundry area, and adheres to College housing policies. Hess is convently located close to Sheetz. There are only six open spots for the 2013-2014 Academic Year. Both a Programming Coordinator and native Chinese-speaking students will live in the floor.
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