Manual Game Submission Form
In order to participate in the Combine as a console participant or a participant for one of our titles that does require manual support, you must submit the game information to us along with proof of attendance at the event. All submissions are strictly screened and submissions take for games played outside of GYO-enabled facilities will be rejected.

For details about this process, please view our Manual Instructions page here:

After you submit, you will receive an email with the receipt for your submission. We recommend you backup your submitted images and/or videos in case of data loss, or if we need to request clarification images.

Thank you!

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Uploading Your Manual Proof Data
If you have a Dropbox or other filesystem manager that you wish to use, you may do so and link here. You may also upload files directly to this form, however the number of files is limited so you need may to send the form several times. If you have a lot of games, go ahead and setup the Dropbox to help keep things organized.

Things to place in the Dropbox: Receipts and/or Proof of Venue Pictures, Game Screenshots with Statistics

Your Dropbox / Fileshare Link
Your Stream URL (Mixer, Twitch, etc.... if you recorded your sessions)
Direct Upload
If you are uploading your files to this form, you may do so here. Filesize and quantity limits will apply, so this is best done if you have a limited number of new games to share.
Upload Receipts/Proof of Attendance Images
Upload Screenshots / Stats Pictures
Any other information you would like to provide that will help our analysis?
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