TAASA Resolution Guidelines and Proposal Form
Resolution Guidelines:
Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA) is a membership organization that is committed to ending sexual violence in Texas. An important benefit of TAASA membership is the ability to propose and vote on resolutions.
What is a resolution?
A resolution is a formal expression of an intention to take action or make a commitment. Whether it is a commitment to raise awareness or take a specific stance, resolutions can provide direction and inform change.
How does TAASA use resolutions?
Resolutions are the basis of TAASA’s organizational policy & shapes the movement to end sexual violence in Texas. Approved resolutions will be used to help shape legislative efforts, guide the actions of the board, and provide direction for TAASA as a whole.
Who can submit resolutions?
Resolutions can be submitted by an individual, group, or an agency. As long as you or your organization are members of TAASA, then you are eligible to propose a resolution. Feel free to reach out to your region representative for assistance!
How long are they in effect?
An approved resolution will remain in effect for four years from its implementation. TAASA members can choose to resubmit any expiring resolution if they would like it to be reconsidered and voted on by membership. If you would like to help us shape Texas policy, become a member & submit a resolution to be considered and voted on at the Annual Membership meeting at TAASA’s Annual Conference.
How do I submit a proposal for a resolution?
The Resolution proposal and approval process is as follows:

1) Review the resolution guidelines above to assist you in submitting a resolution. Please keep in mind that the
resolution must be related to the mission and purpose of TAASA.

2) To avoid redundancy, view resolutions currently in effect at http://taasa.org/get-involved/resolutions/

3) Complete the online resolution proposal form below and submit no later than February 28th.

4) Proposed resolutions that meet the resolution guidelines, shall be posted on the TAASA website no later than
April 1, 2018, for membership to review prior to the annual membership meeting.

5) Membership shall vote on proposed resolutions during the Annual Membership meeting at TAASA’s Annual

6) Resolutions with the majority vote will be put into effect and posted on the TAASA website.

Tips: Consider drafting your proposal in a word document and then copy and paste into the online form. The form does not automatically save your responses.

Be sure to click the option that requests for a copy of your submission to be emailed to you. If you want to make edits to your proposal later on, you can click the link in the email to access your submission.

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Example: Prevention of Sexual Violence: TAASA is committed to promoting efforts to modify or eliminate the individual, relationship, community, and societal influences that result in perpetration, victimization, and bystander attitudes that allow sexual violence to occur. TAASA will assist in leading and promoting local, state and nation wide sexual violence prevention efforts.
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Resolutions should follow the format of the Resolution Form pictured below.
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