Survey – How are You Adjusting to the 'New Normal'?
This survey encourages you to reflect on your experience of Lockdown, and your outlook going forward with life in the ‘new normal'. The survey is anonymous, no personal details are collected.

Please answer the following questions as accurately as you can. This is about your thoughts and feelings. The first question asks about how you experienced lockdown, all the others are about your thoughts and feelings right now.

Some questions allow multiple answers, others are restricted to a single response. Single response questions can at first seem restrictive, but choose your initial, intuitive response. This is usually the first one, which comes to mind automatically.

The purpose of this survey to to capture, in broad terms, the respondents' outlook in the current climate. No individual response will be published, the accumulated data will be used to inform the content of my newsletter and other resources.

Thankyou for participating, it's a great help.

Barry Winbolt
In general, how have you felt since the start of lockdown? *
The three feelings I am most often aware of in myself these days are: *
Going forward how concerned are you about coping with uncertainty: *
Not concerned at all
Extremely concerned
Right now, what are your chief concerns about your health? Answer those which are relevant. *
My single biggest worry at the moment concerns: *
Looking ahead, how can you best equip yourself for the 'new normal' (choose as many as you like) *
Going forward, if you could improve one thing about your life it would be: *
Overall, how would you rate your sense of wellbeing right now? *
Very poor
Very good
How well connected are you? Which statement best applies to you at the moment? *
Overall, which statement best captures your mood at the moment? *
Is there anything else you would like to add about your thoughts and feelings during the current situation?
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