Berkeley Moshav: Interest Survey

Berkeley Moshav is a 20-25 household "Jewish cohousing" community envisioned for Berkeley, CA. This short survey is for collecting information from potential participants. Please give us your feedback! Here is a brief description of Jewish cohousing:

COHOUSING is a form of intentional neighborhood, with extensive common facilities (dining hall, outdoor space, shared guest rooms/studio/workshop, etc) and a balance between community and privacy, in which people know their neighbors well and participate actively in community life.

JEWISH cohousing is a modern village where neighbors engage together in Jewish ritual, study, and culture, creating a milieu in which daily life is infused with Jewish life and where Jewish literacy, identity, and values can flourish. Differences in each household's Jewish observance would be respected and valued. (Each community would decide for itself the Jewish practice at community events.)

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