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Is it time for your club to take the next step and create a visual identity? Yes? We're so glad you found us because we're here to help! Please fill out the following questions as thoroughly as possible because they will help us to design your identity.
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Keep in mind that creating a brand identity takes time. Please allow at least 4 weeks to navigate through the process of deciding on a final product. Identities require time and careful execution. We will get back to you about the project's timeline and whether or not we can make your desired due date.
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(If you already have one) What do you want your logo to accomplish?
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What group/type of students are you hoping to appeal to?
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Do you have a tagline? If so, would you like it stated alongside your logo?
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Are there any existing logos that you really like or admire?
Please GIVE us some examples. Feel free to email examples to the Executive Creative Director.
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Would you like any additional design services to be packaged with your new logo?
Example: Facebook cover photo
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Please note that ASW Creative reserves the right to forego a project if you, the client, does not respond (by replying all) to emails within 48 hours. *
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