Onnanoko's Digital Commission Form
A quick and easy way to submit your general commission ideas/requests to me.

If you are interested in my traditional or digital badges then please feel free to fill out this form instead
>>> https://goo.gl/vcpkEV <<<
You can also message me on Telegram @Onnanoko or DM me on Twitter @Onnanono or email me at onnanoko.draws@gmail.com

I am always accepting commission form submissions, though all commission applications may not be accepted.
I will do my best to respond quickly, but you are also always welcome to contact me directly via email at onnanoko.draws@gmail.com or Telegram @Onnanoko
I will send you a quote for your commission if it is accepted after reviewing the submitted form.

Commission Pricing Guide ~ https://goo.gl/Kot1MD
TOS & FAQ ~ https://goo.gl/n7cBmk

~ As a note if you are getting more then one commission (example, multiple sketches, image sequence, etc.) please make a note in the provided "extras" section.

Thank you very much in advance! <3
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What is your Telegram or Twitter username? (back up means of contact)
Website username(s) *
Please write what website account to link/credit when I upload the commission to galleries. Write "none" if you'd rather remain anonymous.
Commission Type *
What kind of commission are you looking for? Please keep in mind extra characters and more specified backgrounds will cost more, please see commission pricing guide for more info and examples >>> https://goo.gl/Kot1MD <<<
Character References *
please paste in any and all character reference links please, all are helpful!
How many characters *
the number of characters you would like featured in your commission, extra characters are an additional fee of 75% of the base price
Commission Idea *
please leave a brief description of what you'd like done for your commission, please also include any extra references I may need to know exactly what you want for your commission
Need a background/setting? *
if you would like a background included in your commission please leave a description/references here, or write "N/A" if you do not want/need one. More detailed backgrounds, etc. will cost more.
a space for you to include anything you'd like me to know that my previous questions may not have covered :)
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