Petition for Affordable, Renewable Heat in NY
Dear Governor Cuomo:

We the undersigned urge you to act now to end New York’s reliance on fossil fuels for heating our homes and businesses. In order to meet New York’s 40% greenhouse gas reduction goal by 2030, more than 200,000 buildings per year need to be converted from fossil fuel heat to efficient, renewable-ready geothermal and air-source heat pumps. Please direct your state agencies to implement the following policies to reflect this scale and urgency:

-Improved rebates and incentives to spur widespread and rapid adoption of heat pumps.
-Additional incentives for low-income households to ensure the transition is equitable.
-Building codes that eliminate fossil-fuel heating in new construction starting in 2021.
-Reversal of New York’s gas expansion policy, which incentivizes utilities and customers to convert households from fuel oil to natural gas.

In addition, please ensure that the benchmarks and assessments of progress toward the state’s climate goals are based on an accurate greenhouse gas inventory, which takes into account the most up to date science on life cycle emissions of all sources.
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