Mach Hach Ba'Aretz Staff Application
Bnei Akiva of the United States and Canada - Mach Hach BaAretz 5780/2020 - Application for Tzevet
Program Dates: July 6 - August 11

For all positions, except for madrich(a) tiyulim and social media, you must be at least two years out of high school to apply for a position.
1. Shalom and thanks for your interest in Mach Hach BaAretz! Please put a check next to any job for which you’d like to be considered. *
A description of each position: The Rosh Bus has overall responsibility for planning and implementing the educational program for a group consisting of 35-43 campers. S/he is also responsible for the health, safety & welfare of the campers. The Logistical Coordinator of a bus oversees all technical details for their group. This includes lodging, meals, health, budget and confirmation of advance reservations at sites. Candidates for this position must speak Hebrew fluently. The Madrich/a Tiyulim is the tour guide on hikes and at many other sites. S/he is also responsible for knowing the roads and getting the bus from place to place. Tav Teken and strong spoken English are required. Both the Logistics Coordinator and Madrich/a Tiyulim also have all responsibilities of the Madrichim Chevratiim. The madrichim chevratiim assist in all aspects of running the program. They give daily shiurim and hadrachot at various sites. They are there to be positive role models, inspire and give their kids a great time. The Social Media Director oversees all our social media platforms for the summer and creates original materials to post.
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