Get help converting data to WATS
You can upload a data source to Virinco and allow us or one of our partners to make a pilot converter for Your data source.
Virinco reserves the right to reject the task or suggest a paid project if the task is to comprehensive, in case You will be notified prior to the project and both parties must enter an agreement.
Please apply for a free trial at prior to uploading data.
By uploading data to Virinco, you agree to the
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What will happen?
After You have completed this form and uploaded your ZIP file, Virinco will look into Your data source and input, and make a best effort to create a pilot converter for You (upload data to your account).
Please note that WATS can interface data in numerous ways e.g. using TestStand, LabVIEW, C#, etc. For more information:

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