2019/2020 Board Nominations
Why do we have elections?
The Board of Directors of City Neighbors Hamilton is the governing body of the School and is an elected body. All members of the CNH Community, families, teachers and staff have a say in the makeup of the Board of Directors.

Who can you nominate?
Any parent/guardian with a child currently enrolled at CNH is eligible to run for office. According to our By-laws members of the Board of Directors should either have demonstrated a commitment to the mission and vision of City Neighbors Hamilton, or possess a high level of knowledge and expertise in education, or possess certain skills needed by the Board of Directors.
You can also nominate more than one person for any office, and you can even nominate yourself if you want to be in the running!

Nominations will close on April 12th

Contact CNH President Erika Coughlin at ecoughlin@cityneighborshamilton.org with any questions.

Board Secretary & Chair of Communications
The Communications Committee has the responsibility of keeping the Board meeting minutes of City Neighbors Hamilton, the archives, and overseeing the subcommittees of the school website and general communications.
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Director of Community Relations
The Community Relationscommittee works to build and strengthen our relationships with both the outside community and the internal school community through social events. We will continue to focus on the rich cultural diversity at CNH and fostering relationships with our neighbors.
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Director of Fundraising
The Fundraising committee assists in coordinating efforts to raise money to meet the school's commitment to providing a rich program for our students. The money raised is used for many of the programs that make CNH so inspirational to our students and teachers.
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