2018-19 FSS Parent Survey
This anonymous survey will be most effective if you answer the questions separately for each child in your family.
Please select the grade level of your child.
My child enjoys going to school.
How strong are the relationships between your child and his/her teachers at this school?
How much does First St. School help its students achieve their academic potential?
My child's teacher communicates with me about my child's progress.
My child's teacher communicates to families about classroom events and curriculum.
I feel comfortable contacting my child's teacher.
When I contact my child's teacher during the school week, I typically receive a response within 24 hours.
I am kept informed of school news and events.
My child has adequate access to technology.
My child is provided with adequate instruction to develop proficiency in technology.
Is your child required to do too much homework, too little homework, or about the right amount of homework?
The homework assigned by my child's teacher supports my child's learning.
My child receives an appropriate amount of instruction in the Performing Arts (music class, band, choir) at school.
I am satisfied with the number of field trips my child attended this school year.
The field trips my child attends are meaningful and support the curriculum.
How satisfied are you with the overall quality of instruction at First St. School?
How happy are you with the extracurricular activities offered at First St. (ex. band, choir, Leadership, Roadrunner Ambassadors, Media/Tech Club, Early Engineers, Chess Club, etc.)?
Behavior management and discipline at First St. School are consistent, fair, and respectful.
How physically safe does your child feel at this school?
How emotionally safe does your child feel at this school?
How do you feel about your opportunities to volunteer in your child's classroom?
How do you feel about your opportunities to volunteer at school-wide First St. School activities and/or events?
Regarding fundraising/donations, do you think First St. asks too much, too little, or about the right amount from our parents?
Are you aware of the important role our C.H.A.M.P.S. (Parent-Teacher Club) plays in the overall success of our school?
What is the best way for you to receive information from First St. School?
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The office staff at school is helpful and friendly.
The facilities at First St. are well-maintained and clean.
I feel confident with the leadership at First St. School.
I feel confident with the direction we are headed in at First St. School.
Overall, how well does First St. School meet you and your child's needs?
What would you say we are doing well as a school site?
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What suggestions do you have for improving our school?
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What programs would you like to see offered at First St. School that may not be offered already?
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Please feel free to share any other comments with us. If you would like your comment or question to be addressed specifically, please email Mr. Cubias directly at rcubias@wpusd.org.
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