Application: Map Your Code / Themes & Values
Looking forward to having you at the hands-on workshop 90 mins. on Saturday Oct. 24 2020 at 3pm NYC.

Please fill out the application and let us know if you have any questions.
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1. What are you looking to get out of the workshop? *
2. Have you previously map your personal brand-DNA? *
3. What would you say is the biggest challenge within your personal brand? *
4. What would you say is the biggest opportunity for your personal brand? *
5. If you want to participate, but do not have the means to afford the $30 cost of the course (Market value of $150.00) we have a scholarship available. Please explain how this course will help you accomplish your goal(s) and improve your current situation.
Terms of Participation
I agree to arriving 5 mins. early to the workshop to smoothly start the session *
I agree to staying focus and not multitask ( sms, text, or other social media, etc.) during the workshop as it breaks the integrity of the space we are creating together.  If there is an interruption (life happens!), I'll kindly notify the facilitator. *
I agree to maintain confidentiality of the discussions that come up in order to create a safe space for myself and the rest of the group. *
There will be no judgment or criticism in the space. It is important everyone feels safe as we go deeper into our codes. *
This is a design and personal branding workshop. Sometimes when looking deeply at ourselves,  some things can come up that are beyond the scope of the workshop and facilitation skills. We invite you to connect with the relevant professional advise if important piece of information arises. *
I'll bring an open mind and heart and a willingness to have fun. *
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