March Elite Sheet, Due 1st Week in March for RED STRIPE
Self Control
Be the Master of your emotions

Have you ever seen an eagle catch a fish? Well, it is a spectacular event in more ways than one. As an eagle flies to its perch to eat, it almost always faces a challenge even greater than catching its dinner. Smaller, less impressive birds known as “pest” birds actually attack the eagle. They make strikes at the eagle, try to take its dinner and even knock the eagle from the sky. As we all know, the eagle is much stronger and bigger than the pest birds and can easily use its huge talons to hurt the pest birds. But eagles also have a great deal of self control.
Instead of fighting those smaller birds, the eagle follows a different plan. The mighty eagle knows that it can fly much higher than any other bird, and so, instead of fighting, it flies higher and higher until the pest birds can no longer keep up. The pest birds give up. Having nothing to prove to those pest birds, the great eagle soars way above them until it reaches its perch, completely unharmed because he controls his anger.
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