Alumnae Theatre Membership Form (for New and Renewing Members)
This form is your registration as a member of the Alumnae Theatre Company for the 2017-2018 season. Your registration will be complete upon sending in your dues for the appropriate amount to the Alumnae and receiving a confirmation.
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Privacy Notice
As a member of Alumnae Theatre Company, your name, phone number and email are required for administrative purposes. They are not shared outside of the club. For active members, this information is shared within the club to allow for better club communication. Member emails are also shared with our ticketing provider (Arts People) to ensure that you can order your tickets online for free. If you do NOT wish your email to be shared with Arts People, please check the box below.
Membership Types
Active Membership: A discounted rate for those who actively participate in the running of the club and its theatre.
Supporting Membership: For members who don’t have time to participate on a regular basis.

Both Active and Supporting members receive the following benefits:
- bi-monthly e-newsletter
- advance notice of auditions
- a non-transferable ticket to every Alumnae production for yourself whenever you want, pending availability (minimum value of $120)

In addition, Active members have access to all Alumnae Theatre Company (ATC) activities, including:
- preference in the actor audition, director selection and play submissions process
- access to ATC free or discounted workshops and professional development programs
- membership in our playwriting group, New Play Development
- participation in ATC readings, including NIF, WRITE NOW and NEXT STAGE
- participation in the ATC's OPEN CALL auditions
- positions on boards and committees, voting rights at the AGM, a voice at membership meetings
- discount on rental space (for Active members in good standing for the past two years)

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