manual akhada
Manual Angry Bots is a battlebot event where manually controlled robots need to push away the opponent bot out of the arena to earn points and overcome the obstacles along the way. Weapons excluding fire and water is allowed. Specified dimension will be provided for robot size as well as the arena.

Robot size (max): 40cm x 40cm x 40cm
Weight (max) : 10 kg

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1. Participants will need to fill a registration form at least one week prior to the event.
2. Judgement will be done according to points in each round and gameplay league.
3. Each team should have at least 2 and at most 4 members.
4. Participants will need to bring their own battery backups and chargers.
Venue: Kathford International College, Balkumari, Lalitpur

Date: 29th and 30th Poush

Registration fee : Rs. 1500 (PER TEAM)
Updated Registration deadline: Thursday, 26th Poush

1st runner up-7000

Sonam Ghimire: 9619484841
Nabin Bhatta: 9868717947

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1. The arena may be scratched during the competition, the organizer is not responsible for its effect during the game play.
2. Only one team member can operate the robot.
3. Any team that is not ready on time will be eliminated from the competition.
4. Judges’ decisions shall be treated as final and binding.
5. Participants have to build their own robot. They cannot use a store bought robot.
6. Sumo rules apply: the first robot that falls out of the ring loses.
7. Participants should not dismantle their robots before the completion of the whole competition as the machines might
need to be verified by the organizers at a later stage to ensure that the participants had not violated any of the rules.
8. The organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
9. Robot should not exceed its shape dimension throughout the game.
10. If battery is used as part of remote then the weight of battery will not be included in robot weight.
1. The arena for manual akhada will be 8*8 sq. feet.
2. The wrestling between two robots will be conducted.
3. Game bracket will be set by the organizer.
4. The wrestling match will last a maximum of 120 seconds. If winner is not decided within that time, the decision will be
made by the jury team.
5. There will be four rounds of the game:
League Round: Top 8 Teams will go to next round.
Quarterfinal Round: Top 4 Teams will go to next round.
Semifinal Round: Two Teams will go to next round. Second Runner-Up will be determined.
Final Round: Winner and First Runner-Up will be determined.
1. Any robot not conforming to the specifications provided.
2. The team damaging or tries to damage the Game Field.
3. The team performing any act that is not in the spirit of fair play.
4. The team that fails to obey instructions and/or warnings issued by the referees.
5. The use of explosives, fire and dangerous chemicals.
6. If a laser is used, it shall be of Class 2 or less
Judging Criteria
1. The robot which pushes the opponent robot out of the game arena wins the game.
2. If match is draw, the decision will be on judges’ hand.
3. The operators should control the robot to bring it to the specified point by the referee.
4. Robot that gets to the point first wins the match.
5. If any part of the robot drops in the game arena during the game play; the match will be paused until that thing is
removed by the referee.
6. The team will be asked to move the robot in the starting position if any part of the robot detach during the game play.
7. The robot may be checked for the verification, any time throughout the event as according to the desire of jury team,
organizing team or the opponent.
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