Dear Parents,
Bruchim Habayim – Welcome to the PJC Learning Center!

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel once said, “Just as creation began with the words: ‘Let there be light!’ – so does the celebration of creation begin with the kindling of lights.” The PJC Learning Center is about rekindling a very special light in the hearts of each one of us: the light of learning, rejoicing, connecting, embracing and creating; the light of history, tradition, peoplehood and prayer. The millenary light of Judaism that connects learners, teachers and parents. It is my hope that the Learning Center – together with all LC families – will always use this light to do good, within our own community and in the world at large. Many avenues can lead each one of us into kindling that special light. At the Learning Center, we promise to work hard and have different avenues available for our students and their families.

Please complete the enclosed form so that we may have the most current information about your children and family, and feel free to drop by the PJC office to chat or just to say hi. We’d love to learn about your thoughts about your family’s Jewish Journey.

We are looking forward to having a bright and joyful year of Jewish learning together at the PJC Learning Center.


Ana Turkienicz
Education Director
W: (914) 738-6008
M: (914) 439-4983

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