Buie's Customer Satisfaction Survey
Listening to customers has always been important to us. Your feedback will help us better serve people like you!
Overall, how satisfied are you with Buie's Market? *
How satisfied are you with Buie's cleanliness?
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How friendly and welcoming do you find our staff?
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How would you rate your wait time at check out?
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Despite carts being regularly sanitized, we've noticed that there are a lot of folks who don't use them. Do you use them? If no... why?
Which of the following products have you purchased from Buie's Market before? (Please select all that apply.)
How easy is it to find the products that you're looking for?
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Are you comfortable asking employees where to find these products?
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Do you do all of your grocery shopping at Buie's? If no- what are we missing?
How would you rate the quality of our products?
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How would you rate our pricing?
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Do you pay attention to our monthly sales flyer?
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Have you used our online shopping platform? *
If you said yes, how was your experience shopping online?
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How can we make the website more user friendly for you?
What do you want to hear more from us about?
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